Car Impounded? Need insurance quickly?

Has your car been locked in a police pound because you were driving it whilst uninsured? When you go to get your car back you will need to show that it is insured for at least 30 days, but the problem is, as you probably already found out, none of the mainstream insurance companies will offer you a policy for an impounded car!

Specialist impounded car insurance is the answer. This will help you to get your car back quickly and easily. Not only that, you can get friendly and helpful advice from a specialist in getting seized cars released.

You can get a quotation and more information here about cars that have been seized by the police.

What will it cost to get my car back?

There is likely to be a towing charge of £150, plus £20 a day storage fee, so the quicker you get it back the less it will cost you.

What happens if I don't collect the car?

If you don't at least get in touch with the pound that it is held at within 14 days of it being seized you are likely to lose it completely. It will be sold at auction if it is valuable, or scrapped if it is not. Either way you will get nothing back for it yourself, although you would possibly not in this case have to pay the towing and storage charges.

How long does it take to get a cover note?

Once you bought your policy it could be emailed to you immediately.

What type of cover would it be?

To keep costs down, while still complying with the law, nearly all impounded car insurance policies are third party only.

How long does cover last for?

You can get a policy that covers you for 30 days which is the minimum that the police will accept. You could also get a full 12 month policy but most people buy the short term one only to keep costs down.

Can I just insure it for a day?

No, the police will not accept that. The absolute minimum that they will accept is 30 days.

Can I insure someone else to collect it for me instead?

No, only the registered keeper can get impounded car insurance.

Why can't I get a policy off a price comparison site?

If you were driving the car when it was seized and you had no insurance you are likely to be facing a charge of driving whilst uninsured. You would have to inform the insurance company of this, and that the car was currently in a pound. If you did not do this your insurance could be voided. The vast majority of insurance companies will not issue a policy for a car which is currently impounded.

If you turn up with a new, 12 month policy the staff at the pound are likely to check with the insurer that you have informed them of the situation and it is likely that your insurance would be cancelled if you had not already informed them.

You can get more information, from a different site, about how to get an impounded car back.